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Board mtg 2-13-2021


13 FEB 2021 10:00AM


• Meeting called to order TIME:…10:01

• Roll call of Officers:

Steve Socolosky… Present

Mark Occhialini… Present

Howard Small…... Present

Sheldon Schake….Present

Rick Polivy………....Absent

• Motion to approve 2020 Minutes:…Dario Quiros

Second:…Howard Small

All in favor:…Unanimous

• Election of Directors – 3 available: Steve Socolosky, Sheldon Schake and Rick Polivy (vacated).

Candidates (3): Steve Socolosky, Sheldon Schake and Chris O’Connor.

Motion to accept candidates:…Mark Occhialini

Second:…Dario Quiros

No discussion

All in favor:…Unanimous

• Manager’s Report – Howard Small

No discussion regarding report

Motion to approve proposed 2021 budget:..Dario Quiros

Second:…Bob Pulford

All in favor:…Unanimous

• Old Business:

A - Hangars 230 and 240/grounds maintenance.

B - Spring cleanup day.

Postponed until 2021 due to Covid.

• New Business:

A –An issue regarding snow removal was brought up by both Juan Villamizar and Dario Quirnos.


13 FEB 2021 10:00AM

Juan suggested a rebid to three snow removal companies for next year. Dario suggested a more defined statement of work for the contractors to ensure that snow removal includes cleaning up to the hangar door as opposed to cleaning to approx. one foot away. Mark Occhialini cautioned that any door damage that occurs during snow removal is the responsibility of the hangar owner and that the potential door damage was the reasoning behind the one foot buffer. Steve Socolosky stated that a decision regarding snow removal for next year would be addressed at the upcoming Directors meeting.

B- Dario Quiros pointed out that the building corner lights are not set properly and are not consistently lit during the hours between dusk and 11:00. Howard Small responded that he has an electrician lined up to convert the remaining lights to LED, add photoelectric sensors, possibly add motion sensors and convert the mechanical timers to a digital version.

C- Juan Villamizar questioned whether there is an approved product that can be used for melting ice on the asphalt areas in front of and between the hangars. Steve Socolosky emphatically responded that no product is allowed to be spread on the asphalt as these products are both corrosive and abrasive to aircraft. Steve mentioned that he will send out a notice to all the members to this effect.

• Motion to Adjourn:…Mark Occhialini

Second:…Dario Quiros

All in favor:…Unanimous

Meeting adjourned TIME:…10:26

Submitted by Mark Occhialini


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