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Board meeting 4-22-2023


22 April, 2023 10:00AM

HJC Conf. Room


Mark Occhialini 230-7

Sheldon Schake 240-13

Steve Rockefeller 230-9

Gerg Kordalsa 230-3

Howard Small – 230-4 & 230-13

Michael Tieger –

Dave Armando - 240-14

Juan Villamizar – 230-12

· Meeting called to order…TIME:10:00AM

· Roll call of Officers:

Greg Castanza - Absent

Howard Small - Present

Sheldon Schake - Present

Chris O’Conner - Present

Mark Occhialini - Present

Mike Teiger - Present

· Motion to approve 2022 Minutes: Howard

Second: Mike

· Election of Directors –

Chris O’Connor , Sheldon Schake


· Manager’s Report – Howard Small

$3K profit from last year, will have $32K in bank.

Motion to approve proposed 2023 budget: Sheldon

Second: Juan

· Old Business:

A - Hangars 230 and 240/grounds maintenance.

Discussion on snow removal. Steve’s solution is to put a sign up to keep away from hangars. Would like to keep plows at least 2 ft from Hangars. Steve will generate proposal for signs.

B - Spring cleanup day.

· New Business:

A - summer picnic

B- $5K to HBAA

Discussed making a donation to HBAA fund, proposal approved.

Motion to approved – Mark, Second – Sheldon

· Motion to Adjourn: Mark

Second: Sheldon

Call to adjourn…TIME: 11:15AM


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