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Board meeting 3-4-22


04 March 2022, 10:00AM

Location: Hangar 7 Building 230



-Current Directors: Greg Castanza, Sheldon Schake, Howard Small, Mark Occhialini, Chris O’Connor, Mike Teiger

- Roll call of Directors present for today’s meeting: Howard Small, Chris O’Connor, Mark Occhialini, Sheldon Schake(call in)

Motion was made to approve minutes of previous Directors meeting.

Seconded by Chris O’Connor

Currently the position of President of the CTHAI is vacant and any member interested in volunteering for this position should please contact the Board.

There are two Directors positions due for renewal. The positions of both Chris O”Connor and Sheldon Schake are available. Chris and Sheldon are willing to continue but any member who is interested in a Director position should please contact the Board.

The Director positions of Greg Castanza, Howard Small, Mark Occhialini and Mike Teiger are due for renewal in 2024.

1. Motion was made by Mark Occhialini to keep officers the same as they are currently.

Seconded by Howard Small.

2. Officers will continue as:

a. Vacant – President pending replacement

b. Howard Small – Treasurer

c. Mark Occhialini – Vice President

d. Sheldon Schake – Secretary, pending reelection

e. Chris O’Connor – Other, pending reelection

3. Proposed budget reviewed by the Directors and a motion was made by Howard Small to submit the proposed budget to the members for the annual meeting.

Seconded by Chris O’Connor

4. Annual Meeting date set for April 22, 2023

Proposed location HJC conference room.

Motion was made to adjourn 10:50

Seconded by Chris O’Connor

Submitted by Mark Occhialini


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