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Board meeting 2-12-2022

CT Hangar Association Board Meeting



· Mark Occhialini

· Chris O’Connor

· Howard Small

· Sheldon Schake

· Greg Castanza


1. Discussion on what to do with the surplus CT Hangar Association (CHA) money that is in the bank:

a. Surplus CHA money in the bank is approximately $80,000.

b. The CHA spends approximately $30,000/year maintaining the property.

c. Suggestion that CHA give owners a credit of 50% in upcoming annual dues in order to reduce the amount of funds in the bank.

2. Board accepted motion to switch to a June-based fiscal calendar, instead of a January-based fiscal calendar.

3. Board accepted motion to add Mark Occhialini as second signatory of CHA checks, currently Howard is the only signatory.

4. Board accepted motion to accept Greg Castanza as board member.

5. Board accepted motion to send next years annual invoice for dues to members in June, 2023 instead of January, 2023.

6. Board accepted motion to give owners a credit of 50% in the 2023 annual dues.

7. Board accepted motion that board members do not receive any payments for being on the CHA board.


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